How to Improve Sales of Your Fitness Guides

Are you a personal trainer or coach selling fitness guides?

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Today, it’s easier than ever to sell your coaching online in various forms. One of the most popular mediums to sell your coaching is by designing beautiful e-books or pdf guides that can be bought off your online shop website.

Having worked with a number of personal trainers, fitness coaches, and influencers on their business, we have sensed a common problem that many people struggle with.

How do you get more clients to purchase your fitness guides and join your coaching? We are going to talk about some effective strategies that can help to boost your sales.

Build your following on social media

Having your followers trust you is the biggest win! By posting relevant content and sharing your life on social media (Instagram, Youtube, Blogging) you start building a level of trust with your followers.

To start with, instead of advertising your guides or program try posting content that already adds value to your followers. For example, posting positive quotes or showing them how you train or coach are great ways to help your followers. Everyone is just looking for that extra motivation to reach their fitness goals, so why not motivate them by posting inspirational content.

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It also helps if you work on a theme that resonates with your coaching, for example posting your weekly training split, how you prepare your meals, how you track your water, etc.

Once your followers start to gather interest in what you post, it is but natural for them to check out that link in your bio and learn more about what you are selling.

Pro tip: Use stories and highlights to feature your client success stories, results or testimonials; while using your posts for sharing inspirational, personal (training / meals / life) content.

Build an optimum purchase experience

Having a store set up with your guide isn’t just enough. The overall user experience of your potential client, right from your Instagram profile to payment needs to be seamless.

It’s a good idea to have yourself or even some of your friends go through this flow (on their phone & computers) and rate their experience. On many occasions, there are potentially design flaws that lead to clients dropping out – be it due to bad placement of buttons or unoptimized user experience on the mobile website.

Identify areas of improvement in the user journey and get them fixed right away.

Pro tip: Having a direct link to your website that’s selling the product, results in 20% more checkouts than having an important links page (like linktree) in between.

Fitness Guides description

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On the product page, have a clear & concise description of what your ebook/guide includes and who it is meant for. The best is to have a small graphic or a bulleted list mentioning what’s included; avoid paragraphs as it affects readability.

If you are selling multiple options, it’s a good idea to have a small questionnaire or quiz on your website to help people decide which is best for them.

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Have a FAQ section that answers common questions that everyone may have.

  • What are the pieces of equipment needed to follow training?
  • Does the guide come with a meal plan?
  • Does the guide have guided videos?
  • How long would one have access to the guide?
  • Lead magnets & Automated Email Campaigns

If you don’t know what a lead magnet is, just imagine it as a free guide that you can give to potential customers in exchange for their email addresses.

Collect emails from people who visit your website or who express interest in your coaching and send them the free guide. Based on the email open & click rates, setup funnels to drive email sequences to their inbox.

Email sequences are a set of pre-composed emails that would be sent to anyone who downloads your free resource. You can control the frequency of the sequence and plan them so that the customer is driven towards a sale.

Pro tip: Create a sequence of 4 emails. The first three emails in the sequence should focus on the problems that your target audience could have, with a CTA (purchase button). Use the last email to send a timeboxed 10% discount code for the person to sign up.

Covert your Fitness Guides to an App

If you have a decent client base (500+ clients) that purchase your fitness guides, it may be a good idea to offer these guides in a more intuitive way.

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Having your fitness guides on an app makes them easier to access via the app store, restricts users from sharing the guides, and has more features like progress tracking, photos, exclusive content, etc.

PDF guides once sold are always available for clients to keep, share, etc. However, by having guides on the phone you can have the clients pay a subscription fee every month to continue using your guides. This helps build recurring revenue for your business.

If you create engaging fitness or wellness content, be it workout programs, nutrition guides or a meditation course – we can help you to convert your content to an engaging app! Building an app for your content is a proven way to build a profitable business.

Having assisted numerous fitness businesses at different levels, we have a pretty good sense of the industry, lingo and can offer valuable advice at various stages.

Get in touch for a free consultation about your fitness business.