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The Art of Push Notifications


That time when your phone buzzes indicating you’ve got a new email or a new WhatsApp message or saying that there are new episodes available for your favorite show on Netflix – everyone using a mobile phone knows about push notifications, we generally call them app notifications or notifications. These are these instant popup messages that apps use to send microcontent to their users.

Interestingly, mobile phone users’ tend to pay attention to notifications as they just pop up even when the app is not running or even if the user may not be using the app actively. On the other hand, many users do get frustrated by regular notifications if they are very useful to them and may uninstall or stop using the app altogether.

If you have an app in the store, you probably already know a lot about these notifications. You probably might have triggered a dozen of them already using one of the modern tools like Google Firebase or OneSignal. Well, push notifications are more powerful than email, since there’s almost no friction for the users to check these notifications, a click on the notification banner would lead them to launch your app or a relevant screen in your app if you did a good job building the app right. However, the important thing to understand about notifications is when should you trigger them for your app so that they help the user and create more engagement with your app, rather than actually hurting the users.

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Strategies to Build Viral apps

Many organizations look to build brand awareness or usability of their service or product through mobile apps. Some of them succeed in doing this effectively by relying on the virality factor. Users want to willing share the app or it’s content over the internet, with their social networks and even offline with their friends and family. Thus building the brand of the organisation and attracting thousands of potential customers to the the original service or product. In very successful cases, where the apps are designed and developed in the right way, the  brand building is so effective, that they cannot be achieved alternatively given sky-high marketing and advertising budgets.

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