Our Process

We operate with the best practices in the industry & adapt them to suit various project requirements. Our processes are structured to ensure that we achieve the goals set forth for each project and provide maximum value to our customers.
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Strategy Workshops

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We believe in a thorough and efficient strategy formulation to ensure we have all that is needed to make decisions about the product. Our design and tech decisions are anchored on the product strategy. This helps us move through the key execution stages swiftly.
In our strategy workshops, we analyse the product requirements, examine current user needs and consider the most appropriate tech stacks and architecture to build the app. We also brainstorm with the client around ideas and features that can be implemented in the app in the current version or as future enhancements.

Product Design

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Our team is passionate about aesthetics and user experience, following the latest trends and crafting new styles to disrupt the market.
Based on what each project requires, our design stage includes UX/UI design as well as a clickable design prototype that can be used to validate the product via user research.
By following a rigorous design process we make sure that all the features fit well into the app and are optimized for the best user experience.


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Using the best-suited technology stack for the project, we write optimized native code for each platform. We utilize some of the best available tools & API integrations to build the app.
Our code is in tune with the best practices and written keeping in mind platform restraints and various scenarios possible.
To ensure that the apps we build pass quality and validation tests, we test the application in multiple environments by various automation & manual test methodologies.

Product Launch

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Once the product is ready to be shipped, we help the clients with launching their apps successfully. Production deployments, assisting with app store setups and submissions, 3rd party approvals, guiding our clients on best practices for optimal adoption rates are a part of our release planning.
We employ effective analytics in the application so that we can monitor the product users' behaviour and device strategies to gain new users and increase app engagement in the future releases of the app.

Updates & Maintanance

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Building a product is the first step.
Ongoing maintenance and management of the digital products we build are a must for their success. Our services don't end after launching your product. We offer packages for continuous support and maintenance after launch.

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