How do Influencers generate income from apps?

In 2022, if you are an influencer, you should have an app!

Some popular ways to make money by launching your app.

App subscriptions

The app is made free to download with limited access to the content or services offered.

It requires users to opt in to a subscription plan in order to enjoy the full benefits.

Sell content bundles on the app

The basic features & some content of the app are free. The users may purchase bundles which may unlock new content or features.

Mix of subscriptions & content bundles

In many cases, it may make sense to have a users subscribe to the app and also allow them to purchase any additional content that is produced from time to time. For example, Christmas recipes can be offered as a content bundle for a nutrition subscription app.

Promote your merchandise or affiliate marketing

Many influencers have their own merchandise that they may market on the app or they may implement affiliate marketing on the app.

Ads and Partnerships

Partnerships with brands to promote their products on the App. Integration of popular ad providers on the app, best suited for free apps.

Are you planning to start an app business?

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