Build a successful Fitness app!

We build fitness apps & solutions and provide services around it. Having worked with a number of successful fitness businesses around the world, we have the expertise to build apps & services that scale and suit your training methodologies.

Your Fitness app - your brand!

If you create engaging fitness or wellness content, be it workout programs, nutrition guides or a meditation course - we can help you to convert your content to an engaging app! Building an app for your content, is a proven way to build a profitable business.

Every fitness trainer or coach has different coaching techniques for their clients to achieve effective results. We work with you to understand your content and ideal methodology of coaching. Based on this, we try to design the best possible app experience for your clients for their fitness journey. Once you are happy with the concept & design, we work to build it into a tangible app that's available on the app store.

Having assisted numerous fitness businesses at different levels, we have a pretty good sense of the industry, lingo and can offer valuable advice at various stages.

If you have an audience and reach, we help you launch your app in the app store!



Automated fitness platform to manage challenges and programs efficiently. The automation includes collecting data from the users and providing them with personalized fitness programs with minimal manual intervention.

This system allows to scale this fitness business by taking in more customers, and not being bombarded by customer emails as everything is automated.




Home & Gym Workouts: Access to most effective workouts - extras, exercise swaps and workout schedule

Complete Meal Guide: Easy-to-follow meal guides with food swaps and recipes, designed for your body type and goals.

Check-in With Rachel: Opportunity to update your Training & Meal guides based on your progress + feedback.

Support, Guidance & Accountability: Change your mindset with daily quotes, activities and challenges and so much more! Full fledged coaching experience.




Programs based on user’s goals and measurements. Each program contains custom home and gym workouts.

Workouts section: Week wise schedule. Ability to run through workout via the built-in timer feature. Video demonstrations for each exercise.

Nutrition: Custom macros based on user’s initial measurements and updates on progress. New Recipes and tips for users.

Progress tracking: Allows users to track all their measurements daily, weekly and monthly. Users can also upload progress photos.




Emma’s fitness app provides personalized training programs. The users onboard by entering their preferences, restrictions & also select the days they would like to train.

Emma would create a personalized training and nutrition program for her clients via custom backend & CMS. The app also features goal tracking, mindset training and progress tracking features, along with 12 week workouts.


Partner with us to build your fitness app and grow your business multifold!


We offer tailor-made experiences for fitness businesses

Highly customisable app features to suit your coaching style and nutrition advice.

We work closely with your team to help design the user experience, content formats and develop custom solutions for your fitness app.

Be it an app, website or a smart automated backend system, we handcraft all the technology pieces your business needs. We also work closely with you to build a long-term & scalable tech strategy for your business.

Reasons to partner with us!

Your fitness app needs to stand out and so we will custom design your entire app from the ground up. Your app would reflect YOU - your brand, your content and any features that you ask for! You would have full control of what goes in your app.

Your Fitness app

Personalized app with your fitness brand in the app store. Features offering the best user experience for your training techniques.

Interactive Training & Nutrition

Workouts, Demonstrations, Timed Circuits, Macros, Meal guides & Recipes. Your content in the app.

Intuitive Design

Features customized for your coaching methods, providing your followers with the best user experience for their fitness journey!

Analytics & Updates

Regular updates for content and features to the app based on user feedback and analytics.

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost to build a fitness app?

This is the most frequently asked question we get. The answer to this is really subjective, as every app we build is tailor-made to the client's requirements. Each project varies based on it's design, features, functionality and target audience so we don't actually have a set pricing for the fitness apps that we build. We arrange an online call to discuss your requirements of the project and try to better understand what goals we are trying to achieve. Once we have a good understanding of the work involved, we can put together a proposal for you. In case, you are on a budget, let us know so we can workout what's achievable first.

Can you design my app too or do you just do development?

Both! We can design your app experience based on your requirements and then develop the app. If however, you already have a design document in place for your app, we can help you in developing the designs to an actual app.

What data do I need to have my app built?

Much depends on what features you are planning for the app. However, to generalize, you need to compile all that content that you'd like to go into your app. It could be content for workout or nutrition guides, tips and info including any media assets that go into the app, for e.g. photos, videos or audio files. Upon consulting us, we will provide a detailed list of content (and format) that you can collate this in.

I already have a fitness app. Can you help continue adding features and maintain it?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch and we will arrange a call to understand your current system and discuss further.

I am looking for something that's not specifically fitness-related. Would you be able to help?

Definitely! We provide a range of technical services, including strategy, design, development and analytics. Please get in touch with your project details so that we can setup a call to explore our synergies.

How do I contact you?

Use the contact form below, or if you prefer to send us an email write to us at info@extenova.com and we will get back to you.

Need more info? Please write to us and we would be happy to arrange a call to understand your project.