Case Study: Orai – Improve your speech content and delivery

Orai app team got in touch with us to develop app experience for their speech training artificial intelligence module. They were pursuing an interesting idea to solve a basic problem that many people have viz. fear of public speaking. Stripped down to the core, they wanted to build an app that would serve as a personal speech coach which would give positive reinforcement and real time personalized feedback as you practice your speech.

They already had a basic design which they wanted us to tweak as we developed their app. We actively prioritized needs and next steps, and gave feedback on each aspect of design.

Some of the core challenges of building this app were:

  1. Real time personalized feedback for a speech – the user opens up the app and presses a button to record his speech. The speech can be as long as the user wants. When the user is done, we had to immediately show partial or complete results of his speech analysis. 
  2. Visualizations for the data that they churned out by analysing speech – building custom visualizations was the key here. 

Building the MVP

For us at VersionN, this was an opportunity to work on a really interesting problem statement and shape it with the founders to build the best personal speech coach app in the Market.

We started by building an MVP that could be tested with real users to get early feedback about the app and service. It was interesting to explore various visualizations that could aptly demonstrate the speech analysis. We ended up writing a couple of custom visualizations ourselves.

Feedback from real users

The MVP was then tested for around a month with about 40 to 50 real users. The feedback from the users was constantly noted by the founders. They also realized that the importance of this app in the Sales, Education and Training sector was huge. Based on these findings and their vision for the product they started defining the actual product that would hit the market.

Iterations and Collaboration

Once this was defined, VersionN started work on the actual app that would hit the app store. While majority of the app flow was clearly thought through after the user testing – VersionN worked with team Orai to iterate on few key flows like Onboarding, Rewards and User engagement to zero on the UX that’s just right for Orai users.

The app branding also changed to Orai, it was called Oratio during the feedback phase. The new Orai brand  was carefully integrated into the app and is reflected in the visuals of the user interface.

Orai app was built with a solid product strategy and an architectural foundation that allowed the client to get to market quickly with a robust and stable app. At VersionN, our focus was on code quality and finding the right solutions for various scenarios in the project, allowing us to rapidly add new features and pivot where needed.

Orai - Improve your speech content and delivery

Orai app is designed to help you become a better speaker. Orai gives people the confidence and skills to speak powerfully when on stage, in front of a room, or in everyday life. Orai uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to offer instant insights on your speech so that you can practice daily and become an effective communicator. More info at

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